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ACADEMICS: Alumni Panel for the Class of 2021

On February 11, Grammar hosted an Alumni Panel for the Class of 2021. This panel discussion had recent Grammar Alumni as speakers from various universities and programs.

Featured Alumni:

  • Simon Law '17, Queen's University, Engineering

  • Masa Sweiden '17, McGill University, Commerce

  • Katie Waller '18, Mount Allison, Business and Psychology

  • Dimitra Tsimiklis '18, Dalhousie University, Science

  • Onika Drabble '19, Dalhousie University, Engineering

  • Arthur Huang '20, Queen's University, Commerce

Each alumnus introduced themselves and then spoke about various university topics to the Grade 12 students. Topics included: attending university during a pandemic, balancing academics with other commitments, the benefits of a Grammar education, the importance of getting involved in clubs, sports, and even the value of sleep!

The panel helped the students learn more about what to expect from university life as they are eagerly waiting to hear about their acceptances.

"I was so impressed by each and every one of them -- they are all so articulate, warm and positive. They were amazing Grammar students and are even more amazing adults!" - Laura Brock, Director of Academics and University Counselling at Grammar.



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