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ACADEMICS: Author Mireille Messier visits the Prep School

In May, Mireille Messier, the author of children's books Sergeant Billy and Treasure, virtually visited our Prep School Grammarians in class! During her visit, she read Treasures to our Junior Primary to Grade 2 Grammarians, followed by reading Sergeant Billy to the Grade 3-4 Grammarians.

The students were excited and engaged while listening to Mireille read her books to them. Eager to learn more about her, the students got a chance to ask her questions as well when she finished the reading. Students asked her about being an author, how she writes and illustrates the books and many more curious questions!

Thank you, Mireille Messier, for taking the time to read your amazing books and speaking to our Prep School students about your life as an author. You left them inspired, and we appreciate the virtual visit with the Grammar Prep School!



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