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ACADEMICS: Biology 2 students present environmental stories to Prep School students

For Ms. Sanford's final assessment for the Grade 11's in her Biology 2 class, the students got the opportunity to write stories about biology topics and concepts they are interested in and read them to our Prep School Grammarians! This was a great opportunity for our Senior School students to connect with the Prep students, giving the Grade 11 students a creative way to show what they learned in class.

The Grade 11 students illustrated and wrote their own stories and took turns reading them to the Prep students. After each story, the Prep students were able to ask questions about each story and learn about how they made them. Grade 4 student Jasmine Bhatena '29 said at the end of the stories that she was inspired to create her own! The excellence our Senior School students show in their work is inspiring to our younger students, showing them the exciting topics they will learn about and the creative projects they can do to show their learning.

Below are some video clips from the students reading the stories and the Prep students asking them questions and responding to their stories. Thank you, Ms. Sanford, for putting together this exciting opportunity for both your Biology 2 students and the Prep School!



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