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ACADEMICS: Biology students conduct infectious disease experiment

In March, our Grade 12 Biology students conducted an in-class experiment for their unit on the immune system and spread of infectious diseases. Students were given vials of mystery liquid for the experiment, but one student’s vial would be “infected” with a pink solution.

The students then started trading the mystery liquid by pouring it into their classmates' vials. They did this to cause spread from whoever had the vial infected with the pink solution. After trading the liquids with several people, they tested to see who ended up "infected" with the pink solution by observing whose vial would turn pink, meaning they came in contact with the infected person.

After finding out who got infected, the students began contact tracing to figure out which student came in contact with who, and lastly, find patient zero of the infected pink solution. They repeated this experiment multiple times to test their contact tracing/detective skills.

"They did an awesome job. The students figured it out each time we conducted the experiment!" - Grammar Biology Teacher, Ms. Joni Sanford.



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