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ACADEMICS: Grade 5-6 Geography Challenge

The Grade 5-6 Geography Challenge is a yearly event that Grammarians have participated in over the last 20 years. Utilizing material from The Great Canadian Geo Challenge, students complete nine in-class quizzes based on geography to determine which students qualify for the final round. Five students from each of the Grade Five and Six classes advance to the final, making a total of twenty finalists.

During the finals, the students are asked twenty geography-based questions, and the three students with the highest results are chosen as the winners. Due to time constraints this year, two students were able to be chosen as the winners. Congratulations to our first-place winner, Isla Sanford from Grade Five, and Genevieve Siu-Porter, our second-place winner from Grade Six. Stay tuned more for Geography Challenge news as winners in the Grade 5-6 challenge are usually invited to participate in the Grade 7-9 Challenge taking place later this year.



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