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ACADEMICS: Grade Three students make their own Fur Trading Post

Grade Three Grammarians were learning about the Fur Trade this month with Ms. McNamara! After learning about the history of the fur trade between the Europeans and Mi'kmaq, they had an interactive lesson by creating their own fur trade in class.

Students were given a random selection of goods and had to trade with each other to obtain $100 worth of goods: one blanket, two food items, one tool, and one pelt. The students were excited to do the fur trading post, giving them a fun way to learn about the fur trading history in Canada.

"As part of our Mi'kmaq Studies unit, the Grade Three students have been learning about early-European contact with First Nations people who had been the only occupants of our lands up to such point. The Fur Trade connection allowed the Mi'kmaq people to share their territory and become part of the international market system. Reenacting active trade with their peers, the students engaged in discussions about fair trade and supply and demand. The students were most surprised about how much value was placed on beaver pelts which were locally abundant at the time of the Canadian Fur Trade." - Ms. Angela McNamara

Click through the photos below to see the Fur Tade activity!



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