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ACADEMICS: Grammar Celebrates Lunar New Year

Grammar celebrated the Lunar New Year in February! Across the school, students learned about the traditions of Lunar New Year and what it is all about.

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, students were encouraged to come to school wearing red to celebrate the holiday with their classmates.

In the Prep School, the weekly Zoom assembly focused on teaching students about Lunar New Year from their classmates that celebrate it. Grade Three students Jasmine Qi '30, Qiyuan "Chiran" Sun '30, Ruoning "Vivian" Yu '30 and Maggie Wu '30, and Grade Four student Kunhee Shin '29 proudly talked to their classmates about their culture.

Some of our Prep School students came to class wearing their cultural attire for the holiday. To the left is Ruoniing "Vivian" Yu wearing her traditional Cheongsam dress to school for Lunar New Year.



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