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ACADEMICS: Middle School Debate Club is in demand with 50 members!

Contributed story by Zoya Hussain '22

Our Middle School Debate Club is off to a great start. This year, there has been an impressive turnout of 50 eager students from Grades Five to Nine. Some members are new to debate, while others are very experienced. It is inspiring to watch them come out of their comfort zones and develop into persuasive, assertive, and mindful advocates. We have seen provincial, national, and international champions emerge from Grammar’s Debate Clubs; our community has a lot of potential!

From formal rounds to fun activities, they learn valuable skills in public speaking, critical thinking, building confidence and engaging in collaborative teamwork. Our head coach, Mr. Joshua Judah, and Senior School debaters enjoy providing feedback and support in a friendly, respectful and inclusive environment.

Everyone in Middle School is welcome to join on Wednesdays, after school, from 3:30-5:00 p.m.!

Photo credits: Zoya Hussain '22 and Alicia Leguizamón '23



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