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ACADEMICS: Middle School Scavenger Hunt

During the Middle School Winter Carnival in February, the Middle School Grammarians were given a scavenger hunt throughout the week. Using their intellect and curiosity, each day, the students had to search around the Middle School to find a special Grammar QR code. Each QR code gave the students a letter. The goal was for the students to obtain each letter, then decode the word to win the scavenger hunt.

The letters were e, e, s, w, h, c, and the students were given a hint to help decode the word.

The hint was: Founding Parent, Gordin Kaplan, explained Grammar's philosophy in four simple words: "______ Mediocrity, Achieve Excellence!"

At the end of the week, Headmaster Laffoley announced the word to the Middle School to end the scavenger hunt and Winter Carnival.

The word was "eschew", a part of Grammar's long-standing philosophy to eschew mediocrity, and achieve excellence, a philosophy that every Grammar student can embrace.



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