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ACADEMICS: Mock Elections - Students cast their votes for the Federal Election

On the day of the Federal Election, Middle and Senior School students at Grammar got to practice casting their right to vote with a mock election through Elections Canada! This was made possible through the CIVIX program, which facilitates student voting in thousands of schools across the country.

The program provided authentic ballots, boxes, screens and other materials as they are partnered with Elections Canada. In addition, they provide instructional support on their website, including links to videos with information on Canada's political parties for the 2021 elections. The resources helped students develop their opinion on each party before casting their vote for whichever party they most aligned with.

This was a great way to help students get in the habit of voting and teach them how to research each party's platform to make an informed decision when they cast their vote.

Thank you to Ms. McKegney for making this possible at Grammar this year!



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