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Academics: The study of "Red Sorghum" by the Grade 11 students

In English class this term, the Grade 11 students presented context projects, visual presentations of historical and cultural topics, relevant to their study of Red Sorghum (1986), by Nobel Prize winner, Mo Yan. One of the several works in translation that is part of the IB English curriculum at Grammar, this novel recounts the story of a family's resistance and survival during the Second Sino-Japanese War in the 1930s. The students presented posters on the author, the Second Sino-Japanese War, traditional Chinese marriage customs, the Chinese concept of filial duty, and the film that was made of this work by Chinese cinematographer, Zhang Yimou. Many of these posters are visually quite remarkable, and our students are benefiting from the familiarity of our Chinese students with their own culture, history and geography. Check out these featured slides from some of their presentations:



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