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ACADEMICS: Upload Day - Class of 2021 is nearing the finish line

On February 26, the Class of 2021 celebrated Upload Day as they submitted their Extended Essays (EE), Theory of Knowledge papers, and Individual Assessment (IA) projects! Now the students are getting close to the end of the school year as they wait to hear back from universities and start preparing for exams.

To celebrate, Grammar hosted the students in the Senior Library for hot drinks and snacks while the faculty congratulated them for all of their hard work. At the end of the celebration, special acknowledgments were given out to students for their hard work and unique experiences while completing their final projects along with a gift card to Uncommon Grounds Cafe.

Student Acknowledgements:

Gabriel "Gabe" David: Physics IA - "The Perpetual Modifier." According to Mr. Bhathena: "In order to be a successful researcher, one must be ready to continuously modify experimental procedures in order to obtain relevant data."

Junjing "JJ" Sun and Allison "Ally" Karabu: "One and Only" awards for breaking the mould and being the only students to choose "Red Sorghum" and "Maya Angelou" for their English IAs.

Fiona Dorling x 4: "Longest Proposal" for the English IA; "Bravery in Data Collection" for her Geography IA, for donning hip waders to complete her research; "Perseverance" in Chemistry for an IA topic that turned out to be far more complicated than anticipated, but she refused to give up; and "Ickiest Subject Matter" for her EE on sea lice.

Eamon Roach: For his outstanding mapwork in terms of quality and quantity while completing his Geo IA.

Haniya Qadeer: for a Geo IA proposal that was practically a complete paper.

Romain Herbinger: "For thinking deeply and creatively about a Sapien, and then turning to examine the life of Josez Broz," for is History IA.

Sophie Smith Stewart: "Significance and Importance" award for basing her EE on a topic that could eventually help save the planet.

Asal Hosseini: "Greatest Passion for a Topic" EE award, for her paper on women's rights in Iran.

Isabelle Dearnaley: "Commitment to Research" for her Environmental Systems and Society IA, visiting five separate forests to collect data; and in IB Biology, for collecting over 300 pieces of data.

Yanli "Krissa" Mou: "Pulled a Rabbit out of a Hat" for her Biology IA. Ms. Sanford had no idea where she was going with her topic and was super surprised and impressed by the final product.

Lily Reid: For conducting truly "exhaustive" research for her EE. When she contacted a local museum with an exhibit on her topic, to get further source ideas, she discovered she already had everything they did - and more.



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