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ACADEMICS: World Language and Culture Day at the Prep School

The Prep School celebrated their World Language and Culture Day in March, giving them the exciting experience to learn and celebrate their classmates' cultures.

Prep School students watched presentations and did activities for each culture they learned about. The regions represented throughout the day were: Eastern Europe, Western Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Oceania, Middle East, North America, Central America, South America, Africa, and the Caribbean.

The students were given their own passports to stamp each region they visited throughout the day. They were eager to get their passport stamped as much as possible as the day went by. The passport made them look like official world travellers by the end of the day!

Students got to do activities like trivia and learning traditional dances from other cultures along with the presentations. Pictured are Ms. Greshams Grade Three students dancing to a video about traditional African dances and music. The video taught them step-by-step how to do the dances, and they were more excited than ever to get up and show off their new moves.

World Language and Culture Day also allowed our Prep School students to wear traditional clothing from their cultures proudly. This gave students the opportunity to teach their classmates more about their culture and the meanings behind the clothing.



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