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Altruism: Head of Parent Committee

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Leanna Christie has spent four years helping students, parents and Halifax Grammar School staff as chair of the Parent’s Activity Committee. She’s an advocate for all aspects of the Grammar experience, whether it’s academic, arts or sports achievements.

"This is about a better environment, better teaching, better learning and better achievement."

She appreciates the important role of the school volunteer network and how it contributes to improving the quality of life for all students. That's why PAC's $25,000 donation to the Engaging Excellence Campaign was especially meaningful.

Funds were raised through coffee drop-ins, ice cream socials, book fairs, spring fairs, family movie nights, and more.

Leanna Christie

The PAC is comprised of the entire parent community at Grammar. Meetings are held once a month, with all parents welcome to attend.

Now Leanne is handing the reigns over to 2008 Olympian bronze rowing medalist, Tracy Stuart.

Tracy Stuart

Tracy has two daughters at the school and wanted to be more involved in the community.

Next up for the PAC is the event for families starting school in September, and a coffee drop-in on the first day of school for parents.

If you are interested in being involved the PAC please contact Caitlin Gray at!



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