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ALTRUISM: Katie Dickson '23 - Supporting the Parkland Truro Library

For Katie's Grade 10 Service Learning Project, she collected eight to nine grocery bags filled with books for the Parkland Truro Library, located in the Parkland nursing home where her grandmother resides. She emailed friends and family asking them to donate any new or used books. All of them were happy to donate and support Katie's initiative and her grandmother.

To Katie's surprise, there were books donated from all around the world! She had books donated from Philadelphia, Bermuda, Montreal and Halifax. Some of the book donations were sent through Amazon, or they donated money to help Katie purchase new books for the library to support the cause from away. She was able to make two donations over a couple of weeks!

Katie's goal for her project was to provide Quality Education. Now her grandmother and her friends can keep their minds sharp and educate themselves further with their new collection of books, thanks to Katie. There is no doubt that she reached her goal of providing quality education.

In addition to her work with the Parkland Truro Library, Katie is also part of the Leading Readers group through the Halifax Public Libraries. For one hour every week, she helped young kids gain confidence in their reading abilities. "It was a super fun opportunity and a new experience!" Said Katie, reflecting on her work with the reading group.

The Halifax Grammar School is proud of our students' volunteer work each year to make a difference in their communities. The Service Learning Project is meant to help the students find meaningful volunteer causes to support however they can to learn the value of giving back to the community and embracing altruistic actions.



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