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ALTRUISM: Saint Andrews United Church Sunday Supper served sandwiches by the Senior School!

Since November, Senior School Grammarians have been coming together to make between 200 to 300 sandwiches two Sundays a month for the Saint Andrews United Church Sunday Supper! The idea came to be in mid-October when Olin Bailly '21 and Gabe David '21 started the Film Appreciation Club, and they wanted a way to put extra money earned from the club for something good.

Laura Brock, Director of Academics and University Counselling at Grammar, organized the sandwich-making for the Sunday Suppers, and Olin and Gabe decided to get involved. Typically students volunteering for the Sunday Suppers would go to the church and make warm meals there. Due to COVID-19, the students had to create an alternative to stay involved. Now the students gather at Grammar on Sunday to make sandwiches for the Sunday Supper, then deliver the sandwiches to the church!

The students are happy to help out with the Sunday Supper this year despite not being able to go into the church and help as they did during a typical year. "Gabe and I intend to continue this through until at least the end of March and probably April," says Olin Bailly '21.

"The students were eager and determined to continue helping with the church's Sunday Supper Program despite the changes this year. They're independent and great to work with, and we appreciate the hard work and positive attitudes that come from our students!" - Laura Brock.

Students involved: Ryan Berry, Elizabeth Langley, WooBeen Shin, Xiaoyu Feng, Shane Qi, Allie Karabu, Ibrahim Sweidan, Eamon Roach, Wajiha Zubair, Gabe David, and Olin Bailly.



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