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ALTRUISM: Teacher Appreciation Day

On Tuesday, May 4, Grammar celebrated Teacher Appreciation Day with the Grammar Community to show our teachers some love and appreciation for all of the hard work they do.

For Teacher Appreciation Day, we asked our parents and students to reach out to their teachers with a note of appreciation and a poem or picture that they have drawn or painted that makes the student think of them. We did this because our teachers need those extra words of appreciation after the last year and a half—their ability to adapt to the swift changes COVID-19 brought while still providing high-quality education to their students.

Our teachers are vital in helping Grammar students pursue and achieve excellence. The work they put in every day with a positive attitude and a passion for education has a tremendous impact on our students during their time at Grammar. The parents, students and the rest of the Grammar Community greatly appreciate everything they do to make Grammar what it is today.

Below is a gallery of drawings and notes made by our students to show the teachers their appreciation.



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