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Arts: Grammar Film Challenge

Halifax Grammar School hosted a "Stay at Home" Weekend Film Challenge from May 7-11 open to all ages and to all Grammar students, faculty and alumni! There were many talented filmmakers who submitted films to the challenge. The Grammar Community voted and listed below are the winning films for each category! Thank you to all participants and to Mr. Beers for organizing and facilitating the challenge! Visit our Youtube Channel to view all films!

Best Overall Film

Roses and Thorns – Tatiana El Rabahi'19

Most CreativeFilm

Collaboration – Irene Li

Most Watched Film

Super Heroes Unite for Grammar – Lillian Pappas

Senior, Staff, Alumni Film

FIRST PLACE – Mute All – Lara Jolliemore-Behie

SECOND PLACE – Looking Fabulous – Jane Messenger

Grades 7 – 9 Film

FIRST PLACE – The Haircut – The McEwen Family

SECOND PLACE – Super Heroes Unite for Grammar – Lillian and David Pappas

Grade 6 and Under Film

FIRST PLACE – The Talent Show - Kosta Georgakakos

SECOND PLACE – When You Forget About Mother’s Day – Ella Cowell



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