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Arts: Grammar students wow school with their films

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

The fifth annual Halifax Grammar School Film Gala took place on May 27th and played host to a number of incredible films from our students.

Maddie Gillis's film, Dear Big Sister received three awards for “People’s Choice” Best Film, Best Documentary and Best Editing. Maddie also received the prestigious award Grammar Filmmaker of the Year. View the winning documentary below.

The Heist – a multiple-student work from Findlay Tulloch, Isabelle Dearnaley, Ahmed Abounahia, Yurika Uemura and Sean Ahn – took home the prize for Best Picture.

Tatiana El-Rabahi scored points for the incredible camera work and story in Toxicity, In Five Chapters, which won for Best Screenplay and Cinematography.

Grade 9 students Jessica Lee, Britt Drysdale, Arwa Ahmad and Eshaa Amer collaborated for Freeze, the Best Film winner for their grade.

Acting awards went to Ahmed Abounahia in The Heist and Britt Drysdale in Freeze.

Yurika Uemura brought to life the world of animation winning Best Animated film for Weird Evolution.

To help present awards, Jennifer Stewart (producer, art director) was on hand to represent the jury from the film and television industry.

View all winning films from the Film Gala on Grammar's YouTube channel.



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