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ARTS: Letter to Dr. Strang from Scarlet '29

Inquiring minds wanted to know, and Scarlet '29 spoke for many of us when she asked whether or not Santa would be able to deliver toys this year due to the pandemic and the quarantine restrictions. She and her sister Elena decided to write to Dr. Strang for clarification. She heard back from him with some good news! Dr. Strang reassured her that the magic of Santa, the elves and the reindeer provides COVID-19 immunity and creates a safe "North Pole Bubble." Santa and his reindeer are surrounded by this bubble as they deliver gifts to children all over the world on Christmas Eve, meaning there is no need to worry about our safety or Santa's. Kudos to Scarlet and her sister for taking the initiative to find the answer to this important question, and thank you to Dr. Strang for the quick response!



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