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ARTS: Virtual printmaking from home with Ms. Fainshtein

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Ms. Fainshtein's Grade Ten Art Class completed their printmaking project this month! Ms. Fainshtein introduced students to the linocut printmaking technique and provided them with the historical context of the technique along with visual examples from the art history. Afterward, the students were encouraged to conduct their research and find their own inspirations, ideas, and thoughts to create their art pieces. Each student came up with their original idea and the story behind the work.

After the students finished their artwork, Ms. Fainshtein hosted a "Printmaking from Home" class where they did the printing process over Zoom!

Check out the student's artwork below, lots of artistic talent here at Grammar!

An excerpt from Isabella (Bella) Baker's piece regarding the symbolism and meaning of her linocut print:

"I started at the top of the page, with a small fishing boat and person inside. I decided to start at the top because it’s like the beginning of a story or a page in a book where you move downwards, following the fishing line, towards the story. I placed the person high up at the top because it symbolizes a form of hierarchy showing that mankind is placed at the top of the food chain. I centred the image around the fishing hook, which is empty because it shows the deception and cruelty of humanity. As well it symbolizes that humanity has made it so that the world revolves around them. The large and surrealistic sizes of the fish compared to the human symbolize that the world is not meant just for humans and that there are larger problems that we should be addressing rather than ignoring."

Artists featured in order: Hannah Kim, Anna Skillin (2 photos), Isabella Baker, Haoyue Veronica Hu (2 photos), Eddric Yeung, Yibo Daniel Zhang, Acacia Penner (2 photos), Yaowei Owen Yang, Acacia Penner, Haotian Justin Hu, Eden O'Leary, Mustafa Abokar, and Brendan McGinty



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