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ARTS: Zoya Hussain '22 Wins International Award

When the lockdown hit again, Zoya Hussain '22 decided to enter the Global Oneness Project's The Spirit of Reciprocity contest, an international student art contest. Zoya submitted an original illustration, and her piece was chosen as a winner! The theme of the contest was "The Spirit of Reciprocity," where students were invited to submit an original photograph or illustration that reflects the spirit of reciprocity and kinship with the living world, inspired by the writing of Robin Wall Kimmerer.

Zoya's illustration depicts "how humans and nature are connected in many ways; we find peace in nature, yet we continue to destroy it." The following Robin Wall Kimmerer quote inspires the illustration: "Do we treat the earth as if ki is our relative—as if the earth were animated by being—with reciprocity and reverence, or as stuff that we may treat with or without respect, as we choose?"

Congratulations, Zoya, on the incredible accomplishment and excellent illustration!

To read a more detailed explanation of Zoya's illustration, follow the link below:

(Illustration by Zoya Hussain '22)



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