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Athletics: Athletic Banquet rewards athletes

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

On June 11, Halifax Grammar School honoured top athletes for their performance during the school year. Tracy Stuart, Grammar parent and former Olympic rower, was the guest speaker for the night and senior students James McCrea and Noelle Tsimiklis were emcees.

The Awards Banquet was held in Grammar’s multipurpose room, and celebrated the overall accomplishments of the athletics program. Some major awards for the night included the Outstanding Service Award, Good Sport Award, O’Flaherty Scholar - Athlete Award, Outstanding Sportsmanship Award, Rookie of Year, Middle School Athletes of the Year and Senior Athletes of the Year.

Twelfth graders Noelle Tsimiklis and Ryan Munro received the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation (NSSAF) Outstanding Service Award. Coach Kelvin McEwen was also awarded the NSSAF Outstanding Service Award for demonstrating a commitment to the true values of educational athletics.

Middle schoolers Amelie Springer and Ryan Malloy received the NSSAF Good Sport Award for demonstrating commitment to fair play, ethical behaviour, integrity, as well as concern and respect for others.

Each year two outstanding students from middle and senior school are selected for the NSSAF O’Flaherty Scholar – Athlete Award. The award is named after Executive Director Mr. Ron O’Flaherty who served the Grammar Foundation for 29 years and helped shape Grammar into the successful school it is today. This year, middle schoolers Gabe Davignon and Jessica Lee, along with seniors Aj Kapilan and Maura Whitman received the award for demonstrating both athletic and academic achievement (a minimum grade average of 85% is required).

The Outstanding Sportsmanship award went to middle schoolers Kwame Franklin and Jessica Lee and seniors James McCrea and Noelle Tsimiklis.

The Rookie of the Year went to middle schoolers Henry McKegney and Vivian Johnson. Athletes from the senior school, David Waller and Lydia Dunn, were also honoured with the award.

The Middle School Athletes of the Year awards were bestowed upon Female Athlete of the Year, Britt Drysdale and Male Athlete of the Year, Kyle Munro. The Senior School Athletes of the Year were Ethan Marshall-Harris and Elizabeth Langley.

Some honourable mentions from joint teams with Ambrae Academy include Haley Whitman on the field hockey team who was awarded MVP of the year and Krissa Mou on the Senior Volleyball team who received the Most Improved Player Award.

Here are some photos of our winners from the athletics banquet:

Grammar School would like to congratulate all our athletes on a fantastic year!

Below is a list of all the award winners:

Team Awards

U-13 Soccer team, Coaches: Ms. Deborah Goodfellow and Mr. Laffoley

Coaches Award: James Jakeman

MVP: Idan Koknaev

Jr. Girls Soccer, Coach: Ms. Jill Kiley

Coaches Award: Britt Drysdale

MVP: Jessica Lee

Jr. Boys Soccer, Coach: Mr. Kevin O’Carroll

Co MVP: Ryan Malloy

Co MVP: Owen Kinsmen

Sr. Girls Soccer, Coaches: Ms. Deborah Goodfellow and Adele Goodfellow

Coaches Award: Tatiana El-Rabahi

MVP: Elizabeth Langley

Sr. Boys Soccer, Coach: Mr. Kelvin McEwen

Coaches Award: AJ Kapilan

MVP: Michael Balfour

Cross Country, Coaches: Mr. Peter Beazley and Ms. Kelda Smith

Male Runner of the Year: David Waller

Female Runner of the Year: Bekkah Celikkanat

Male Coaches Award: Austin Hache

Female Coaches Award: Maya Ashley-Martin

Touch Football, Coaches: Ryan Munro, Finn Larkin, James McCrea and Ms. Ann Marie MacNeil

Coaches Award: Kyle Munro

MVP: Kwame Franklin

Golf, Coaches: Mr. Darrell MacInnis and Mr. Shane Joseph

Coaches Award: Lily Reid

MVP: Owen Kinsmen

Jr. Boys Volleyball, Coach: Mr. Tim Beers

Coach's Award: Gabe Davignon

MVP: Kyle Munro

Jr. Girls Volleyball, Coach: Fabiola Mascaro

Coaches Award: Jessica Lee

MVP: Britt Drysdale

Jr. Hockey, Coaches: Mr. Joseph and Mr. MacInnis

Coaches Award: Eric Lyu

MVP: Owen Kinsmen

Jr. Girls “B” Basketball, Coach: Ms. Pelham

Coaches Award: Sydney Holdsworth

MVP: Annika Parkash

Jr. Girls Basketball, Coaches: Mr. Kevin Springer and Ella Keefe

Coaches Award: Sasha Anderson

MVP: Britt Drysdale

Jr. Boys “B” Basketball, Coaches: Lydell Husbands, Ethan Marshall-Harris, and Mr. Joseph

Coaches Award: Gabe Raphael

MVP: Henry McKegney

Jr. Boys Basketball, Coaches: Mr. Darrell MacInnis and Alfred Burgesson

Coaches Award: Ryan Malloy and Gabe Davignon

MVP: Kyle Munro

Sr. Boys “B” Basketball, Coaches: Chris Bresowar and Greg White

Coaches Award: Cedric Jegede

MVP: AJ Kapilan

Sr. Boys Basketball, Head Coach: Tim McGarrigle, Assistant Coach Mark McGarrigle and Andrew Ling and team Manager Bill Spurr

Coaches Award: Ian Keefe

MVP: Ryan Munro

Sr. Girls Basketball, Coaches: Katie McGarrigle and Alison Conrad

Coaches Award: Solveig Hirsch

MVP: Noelle Tsimiklis

Swimming, Coaches: Ms. Angela McKegney and Mme Jenna Pelham

Coaches Award: Ben Jessome

MVP: Will Myrer

Ski, Coach: Ms. Angela McKegney

Jr. Team MVP: Stephen Cramm

Sr. Boy MVP Female: Ian Keefe

Sr. Female MVP Male: Madeline Gillis

Badminton, Coach: Mr. Shane Joseph

Coaches Award: Francesca King

MVP: Ryan Wang

Table Tennis, Coach: Mr. Shane Joseph

Coaches Award: Duncan MacLeod

MVP: Declan Baskett

Track & Field, Coaches: Mr. Peter Beazley, Ms. Jill Kiley, and Ms. Kelda Smith

Coaches Award: Remy Stein

Male MVP: David Waller

Female MVP: Katie Blunden

Most Improved: Noah Adler



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