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Athletics: October Update

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

October was a busy month for Athletics at Grammar! With certain sports permitted to take place, Grammarians were quick to jump back into it. From Soccer to Cross Country, our students made us proud once again:


- On October 13, our Prep School students took part in the ACIS Cross-Country Elementary Run at Point Pleasant Park.

- At the Metro High School Cross-Country Regional Race on October 15, our Intermediate Boys (Gr. 9/10) team placed 2nd, our Senior Girls (Gr. 11/12) team finished 3rd and David Waller'21 finished in 2nd place n the Senior Boys Division, leading to a qualification for Provincials.

- On October 26, David Waller'21 competed in the NSSSAF Cross-Country Provincial Championship Senior Boys race, wrapping up the season with an eighth place finish.


- Our Senior Girls Soccer Team never had a chance to play their league final game due to weather and cancellations, but played a great season!

- Our Senior Boys played hard but their season ended after a loss in the Division 2 Semi-Final Playoffs.



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