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ACADEMICS: PD Day envisions lifelong learning and teaching excellence at Halifax Grammar School

On January 22, 2021, Halifax Grammar School had its first Professional Development (PD) Day of 2021. During this PD Day, Grammar hosted a soft launch for its new Centre for Teaching and Learning Excellence!

The Centre for Teaching and Learning Excellence will empower Grammer teachers to be lifelong learners and continuously work on their passion and craft of teaching. The Centre will inspire curiosity, creativity, and collaboration in curriculum design and delivery to improve Grammar's quality of education for our students.

Through the Centre's three pillars; Professional Learning, Innovation Grants, and Mentorship, our teachers will be working together to create a community of like-minded learners who aspire to excellence as educators.

During the soft launch, teachers attended workshop sessions taught by their fellow educators to learn new ways to improve their teaching styles and classroom experience. The sessions include; "Introduction to Movie Making in the Classroom" with Media Arts Teacher Tim Beers, "PowerPoint Printables" with Stefanie Cox, "Education Technology Apps for Prep and Middle School Teachers" with Jennifer Trott-Zisserson, Senior School IB Unit Plans, "Getting Creative with Google" with Christina Schindler, and "Project-Based Learning, What's Next?" with Teresa Woodford.

The professional development sessions are just the beginning of what is soon to come from the Centre for Teaching and Learning Excellence!

Below are some snapshots of the PD Day and our teachers hard at work improving their craft. Stay involved to find out more about the Centre for Teaching and Learning Excellence and what Grammar has planned throughout the year!



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