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COMMUNITY: Grammar's Parents' Activities Committee is back in action!

Meet the 2021-2022 PAC Executive Team:

  • Chair - Lindsay Bates

  • Vice Co-Chairs - Laura Tsimiklis and Heather Munroe Ghosn

  • Treasurer - Christin Curnew

  • Secretary - Chrystal Saffer

  • Prep School Vice-Chair - Zainab Abidali

  • Middle School Vice-Chair - Stacey Williams

  • Senior School Vice-Chair - Jennifer Abass

After 16-months of our Grammar Parents not being on campus due to COVID-19, the Parents' Activities Committee (PAC) is back in action!

The PAC started the school year with their first monthly meeting in person and got started right away with planning events for the community to enjoy. To kick off the year, PAC brought back Pizza Mondays this semester to start students' weeks with a delicious lunch to get them excited and ready for the rest of the week. We think it's safe to say the students missed pizza for lunch over the last 16 months!

We are looking forward to all of the hard work the PAC is putting into school events this year to engage the Grammar Community and bring us closer than ever with fun events for both the students and the parents.



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