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Grammar Connect Update: Webinar with Rachel Zellars and Bedtime Story with Mr. Laffoley

We were pleased to have Dr. Rachel Zellars lead a webinar on November 17 via Zoom for our first initiative of Grammar Connect, focused on "how to talk to your kids about race and racism".

A Grammar parent, lawyer, and professor at Saint Mary's University in the Department of Social Justice and Community Studies, Dr. Zellars' research focuses on the history of slavery in the Maritimes and the lives of Black enslaved women. As a community organizer, she is a lifelong student of transformative justice, and recently co-founder of The African Nova Scotian Freedom School and co-founder of BLM Solidarity Fund, which has raised over $300,00 since March for community members in need. She is also a nationally recognized expert on implicit bias and consults for a number of federal agencies.

Most importantly, she is mother to Ade '24, Zora '26, and Sade. Click here to check out the webinar!

Mr. Laffoley has continued reading bedtime stories on a monthly basis as well as part of Grammar Connect. Click here to check out his latest bedtime story and stay tuned for future Grammar Connect initiatives!

Pictured: Dr. Rachel Zellars



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