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September Events Recap

With the start of the school year, events have been in full swing. Here is a recap of the events that took place in September:

Coffee Drop-in

On September 4, our Parents Activities' Committee (PAC) hosted a coffee social for parents. It was a great opportunity to catch up with friends and greet new parents while enjoying refreshments. A big thank you to our PAC for bringing our community together on the first day of school.

Students vs. Teachers Basketball Game

On Friday, September 6, our student council organized a middle students vs. teachers basketball during lunchtime. This game was a perfect kickoff to our school year, and a fun opportunity to drum up school spirit. The teachers were victorious over the students, but everyone had a great time. Stay tuned for a re-match later this year!

Ice Cream Social

On Thursday, September 12, the Parents Activities Committee hosted an Ice Cream social. The Grammar Community came together to enjoy ice cream and treats to celebrate a new school year.

With flavours ranging from bubble gum to dutch chocolate to strawberry cheesecake, there was something for everyone to enjoy! Grammar students, parents and friends had a chance to swap stories from their summers and share in the excitement of the year ahead.



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