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UPDATE: Grammar's Virtual Tour is now live!

On March 30, Halifax Grammar School launched its brand new Virtual Tour! With COVID-19 preventing families from seeing the inside of our school in person, it became apparent that we needed a safe and accessible way for those interested in visiting Grammar's beautiful campus.

With the help of Smarter Spaces 3D, the virtual tour will permanently live on the website and be continuously updated to reflect each space on our campus. In the tour, you're able to click through the hallways and classrooms of each building, with green pins placed around the campus with photos and videos highlighting life at Grammar.

This allows anyone interested in the school to envision what life at Grammar is all about, to see what it looks like to be a part of our community.

The Virtual Tour is on the home page of Grammar's website, and if you'd like to start the tour now, CLICK HERE. When you begin the tour, you'll find a video message from HeadMaster Laffoley welcoming you to the tour. When entering the Prep, Middle, and Senior School, you'll also find an introduction video from two students in each school to welcome you to the school.

Below are tips when using the virtual tour to make your experience as seamless as possible:



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